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Sha Lanka Mountain Bike Tours

How club Sha Lanka bike tours differ from others!.

Our applications to easyfy and to make the bike tour enjoyable are many. Among those, the comprehensive awareness of locations in the island, having known about the every corner of the riding locations can be expressed. In the bike tour we consider the accessibility, quality and the usage of the bike, weather conditions and rider’s security. Having been in the competition to become one of the best tour service providers in Sri Lanka, Club Sha Lanka has come to the final line. At the very beginning of Club Sha Lanka, 16 years ago it employed the well trained professional guides and utilized their talents. Such guides work in Club Sha Lanka even today, are capable of directing you to the best area suitable for biking and lavish to amiable towards you.

Statics procedure doesn’t exist. Dynamic innovative applications have benefitted us to flourish as we select or give up our activities after a meticulous observation of commence given by our previous riders.

This is how Club Sha Lanka gives a remarkable bike riding. We are well aware of the desires of bike riders. By experience we have been capable of curbing turmoil and tiredness and we get prepared with all our requirements including tour mechanic, spare bikes, and parts and First aid are taken with us.

No exhaustion at all. Avoiding unnecessary far distance ride, we start our journey on a luxurious bus. The trailer in which the bikes are carried follow the crew until the bus stops at the proposed scenic area for biking. The area is covered on the bike with our guide who directs you to selected locations.

The tour is tailor-made. We adjust it according to the desires of the client, designing the tour including hikes, jungle riding, and adventure riders as well. But this is optional.

We have designed our own itineraries which cover the routes traced by following the best highlights of Sri Lanka.

Throughout the tour riding or travelling depends on personal choice. Eventually the biker can travel getting in to our A/C bus and have rest when he is exhausted.

We guarantee that we provide you best quality bikes with sufficient strength for such tours. All our bikes are keenly maintained for your protection. Any breakdown occurs, our on board mechanic will assist the issue or replace the bike depending on its condition.

We always cannot depend upon prior weather predictions in South East Asia. Sudden weather changes are likely to occur. In emergency of any adversive weather conditions a transfer to another place is possible.

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Club Sha lanka Tours has been bringing exceptional guided and self-guided motorcycle tours for over 18 years. We are touring throughout the entire island. We provide exciting Motorcycle tours. Our dedication to delivering the best touring experience possible to our clients earns us their loyalty and repeat business year after year.